About Stacy Kalb

Stacy Kalb born in 1984, is a contemporary artist living in Amsterdam. She started her creative life as a producer throughout the globe. While visiting the most beautiful and unique places she got drawn into minimalistic art that stands out because of their simplicity. Eventually she started creating pieces herself.
Nature itself inspires her work, its colors and subtle shapes such as the movement of water, endless skies and the patterns of stones.

Her greatest source of inspiration is experimenting with different mediums that can flow nicely over the canvas. Each piece is made of different layers on top of each other, that gives it the wanted end result. In each piece there is a mix of softness but also depth of colors.

As a self-taught artist Stacy feels that she can bring a certain purity into her artworks. “When I’m creating art I’m not following any rules or guidelines. That way the purest emotions get trough and the end result always is a reflection on how you felt that day and becomes unique.”